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Joseph Project Israel Relief

A First World Country with Third World Problems

While Israel is a technologically-advanced, modern nation, a staggering 1.7 million Israelis including over 900,000 children– live at or below the poverty line, making Israel one of the countries with the highest poverty rates of all the developed nations in the world. And because of terrorism and threats from neighboring nations, much of Israel’s resources are used for national defense. This leaves less and less funding for critically needed social services to help the poor and needy. This is where we make a difference.

In 2015, the Joseph Project Israel Relief fund was by far the number one importer of humanitarian aid in Israel. Since its founding the Joseph Project has distributed approximately $100 million in aid to needy Israelis, as well as Arab Christians and Muslims. We annually collect, ship and pay for containers of humanitarian aid filled with clothing, furniture, household goods, medical supplies and other life-saving resources. The Joseph Project then distributes this aid through a growing network of almost 150 private and government organizations in Israel. These include the Israel Defense Forces, welfare offices, hospitals, shelters, youth facilities, orphanages, rehab centers, computer learning centers, congregations, soup kitchens, nursing homes, and other social service centers where those in poverty go for help. In all, hundreds of thousands of lives are affected by this aid. Many local and national government officials consider “The Joseph Project” to be a trusted resource for the people of Israel, because of its ability to privately support the governments social services efforts.

Truly, the MJAA, our supported JP staff in Israel, as well as our Christian partners around the world are a clear demonstration of how Jew and Gentile can and are working together for the physical and spiritual restoration of Israel. The Joseph Project is an independent Israel charity funded and supported by the MJAA.

Inx order to make an offline donation we ask that you please follow these instructions:

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